Dennis Riedel, Chef’s Cut Real Jerky

Dennis Riedel

Chef’s Cut Real Jerky
Dennis co-founded a multimillion dollar jerky enterprise with widespread distribution and celebrity endorsements.

About Dennis Riedel

After graduating from St. Clair High School in 1997, Dennis moved to Florida to pursue his passion and became a golf pro. It is there where he became friends with Executive Chef, Blair Swiler, and the two cofounded Chef’s Cut Real Jerky.

Since they started their jerky business in 2011, Chef’s Cut has experienced phenomenal growth, becoming a $100 million enterprise in 2017.

Appearance at Startup School

Dennis is excited to be returning home to St. Clair County to share his startup story. He will talk about the ups and downs learned from a growing fast and gaining nationwide distribution in an ultra-competitive market.